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Alonso L Ortega he/him is an emerging transdisciplinary architectural designer + artist + educator + researcher based in New York. His work focuses on the investigation of materiality as political, the influence of digital processes on design language, and the disciplines adaptability to respond to diverse circumstances, scales, and frameworks. Ortega currently holds teaching roles as an Adjunct Assistant Professor in Architecture, Planning, and Preservation (GSAPP) at Columbia University, where he fosters an experimental and exploratory environment that addresses contemporary challenges of spatial justice, equity, and coloniality. He also teaches at Parsons School of Design, specializing in spatial relationships, volumetric interactions, material studies, and new physical and digital visualizations. Ortega works with Mario Gooden Studio as a Junior Architectural Designer, leading and managing projects while addressing and engaging in the cultural landscape and intersectionality of architecture, race, gender, sexuality, and technology. 


Ortega completed an advanced graduate degree in architecture from Columbia University and a B.Arch. from Iowa State University. Ortega’s ongoing commitment to pushing the boundaries of architecture and its practice by pursuing curiosity, questioning convention, and creatively navigating problem-solving continues to add value to the profession.

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