alonso l ortega pursues curiosity, questioning convention, and creativity through architecture + art. his work embodies a broad variety of project types, from theoretical to experiential to traditional - each of which afforded him the opportunity to explore and learn the nuances of the design process. understanding the importance of design language is a cornerstone of his practice, as well as investigating the materiality of digital processes, computation + construction, and visualization techniques through emerging tools. 
an artist and a writer, alonso continuously seeks opportunities to provoke thought and embolden change. he has actively taken part in performance art in iowa, creating public art for kansas city, and is currently writing a series of books focused on topics that significantly impact his life. alonso applies his ever-evolving skillset to projects with one eye trained on honing his skills and the other focused on achieving technical excellence.
"change the world you live in and better it for those to come"

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