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speculative design

Similar to a trench, this depression in the ground will be a method of deteriorating illegal crossings. Spanning 20 feet and 20 feet high, nothing above grade will be built to seamlessly give the illusion of a continuous landscape. Whether you are crossing by foot or by a vehicle, you will descend, be checked, rise and transition, descend once more and rise. This progression will allow people to have a truly immersive experience with the ground as void. What you will find below grade will encompass a prison that our current president wants to use for the incarceration of the deported.​ 

This project is more than just a barricade on the ground; it’s a monument with its only limitations eradicated through a concept held dearly to forms of city planning. Its main feature is glamorized at night with streaks of light that seem to dance as the elevators, prisoners, vehicles, guards and people below move within the space and over. 

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