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speculative design

The intervention of this project is at the intersection where bodies are exposed and opened up to spatial absence, those vectors of contact where the eyes and ears are aligned with materials and at the same time lead us to new spatial conditions. The space of the site is occupied, however, our understanding of the Met Opera, as we can identify it, departs from the conditions of public, private, work, and leisure. Bodies take things in and put things out, by zeroing in on transgressive moments of romance, tension, experimentation, enhancement of power, and where the body is most destabilized and de-centered from itself. These spaces are free to be occupied according to the synchronicities of society, and in contrast to the theatrical need of cities for economic development, for the new, and productivity, the site offers another way of occupying it. Individuals will gather up their energies from what is around them, and these events will take people away from themselves and in doing so unfold people, things, ideas, and opportunities into a gravitational pull of passion and sources where it’ll accumulate as a method of mitigating absence.

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