RubiX: Reckoncile

Support for this work is provided by a Rocket Grants project award, a program of the Charlotte Street Foundation and the University of Kansas Spencer Museum of Art. Funding is provided by the Andy Warhol Foundation of the Visual Arts.



This multidisciplinary, site-specific performance series invites audiences to immerse themselves in thoughts and emotions that often go unsaid. Whether in an intimate partnership or in our environment and society, everyone inflicts pain and experiences suffering. So, what then?

Alonso L Ortega was invited to design 1 of 6 spaces which enhanced the bridging of the gap between performer and audience. He repurposed his endless sculpture and provided a unique atmosphere by playing with reflections and lighting of the space.

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All content is solely the work of Alonso L Ortega. If you intend to use any of his imagery or writings, contact him immediately. Copyright reserved 2020.