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DRAW competition


Global warming is an imminent threat to the inhabitants of our planet. In the last decade, glacier loss has tripled and continues to increase at an alarming rate. The melting of the Greenland and Antarctic ice sheets are annually depositing more than 127 billion tons of ice into the ocean and are raising sea levels half a millimeter every year, according to NASA’s Global Climate Change study. Those rates are projected to surge, leaving little time for much of the world’s vulnerable coastal population to organize climate action responses.


The damaging role of human activity in the progression of climate change has all but ensured the possibility of disastrous flooding. As a result, climate adaptation and mitigation strategies are increasingly becoming a critical focus, if not an entire focus, of the architectural profession. From predicting the manufacturing process on future homes to ruminating on how social architecture will play a vital role in how we adapt, the future of buildings and more specifically homes will demand adaption to climate catastrophe through a tentative connection to the site and fixed infrastructure.

Project with DRAW Architecture + Urban Design

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