in response to alejandro aravena’s statement for the 2016 Venice Bienniale, disrupt/displace takes the bakken oil pipeline as a spatial condition that had social cultural and political ramifications. not to portray just one side of the issue at hand, but rather the complexity of the situation, the study of eminent domain abuse, impacts of energy infrastructure, environmental dependence, and economics where all considered in a four-part performance.

it is simultaneously a critique, performance and proposal. the performance which symbolically reenacted the situation, used twisted forms that were inspired by the elevation view of a typical corn stalk. these objects abstracted the jeffersonian grid, which dominates the iowa landscape. after the creation and the installation, the individual modules were flattened to create a diagonal pathway that cuts through the gird exemplifying the extreme nature of the disruption. onlookers were invited to participate by walking through the path created from the destruction of the grid, and the report was presented.

part 1 searching for the front (ames, iowa)
part 2 constructing the front (ames, iowa)
part 3 reporting the front (venice, italy)
part 4 colloquium and conclusions (venice, italy)

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